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Plastic products have become an integral part of our daily lives. From household items to industrial supplies and packaging, plastic is used extensively. Bangladesh, one of the largest South Asian countries, has a booming plastic industry. With the increasing demand for plastic products, wholesale prices play a crucial role in determining the availability and affordability of these products. Paikarisale will delve into the wholesale prices of plastic products in Bangladesh, the factors affecting them, and ways to optimize costs for retailers.

Understanding the Plastic Industry in Bangladesh

The plastic industry in Bangladesh has witnessed rapid growth in the last few decades. According to the Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA), the country has over 10,000 plastic manufacturing units, providing direct employment to around 2 million people. The industry is valued at over $3.5 billion, accounting for 1% of the country's total export earnings. Bangladesh is self-sufficient in plastic production and has diverse plastic products, from household items to industrial and agricultural applications.

Key Players and Market Dynamics Affecting Wholesale Prices

The plastic industry in Bangladesh is dominated by small and medium enterprises, with a few large-scale industries. The key players in the industry are Bengal Group, RFL Group, and Partex Group, among others. A combination of market forces, such as demand, supply, and competition, primarily influences the prices of plastic products. With the increasing demand for plastic products, the competition between manufacturers to offer the best prices is intense, leading to fluctuations in wholesale prices.

Regional Disparities in Plastic Product Wholesale Prices

One of the significant factors affecting plastic product wholesale prices in Bangladesh is the regional disparities in production and supply. The capital city, Dhaka, has the highest concentration of plastic manufacturing units, resulting in lower wholesale prices due to economies of scale. However, in other regions where the plastic industry is still growing, the production costs are relatively high, leading to higher wholesale prices. This disparity can make it challenging for retailers to procure plastic products at a uniform wholesale price.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Production and Their Impact on Wholesale Prices

The cost of production is a crucial factor influencing the wholesale prices of plastic products in Bangladesh. The primary raw material used in the plastic industry is petroleum-based resins, which are subject to international market prices. Any fluctuations in the cost of these raw materials directly impact the wholesale prices of plastic products. Apart from natural materials, other factors such as labor, transportation, and energy costs also contribute to the overall production costs. Moreover, the availability of advanced technology and machinery can also affect the cost of production and, thus, the wholesale prices.

Recommendations for Retailers to Streamline Procurement and Optimize Costs

To optimize costs and streamline procurement, retailers can adopt specific strategies:

  1. Maintaining a good supplier relationship can result in better pricing for bulk purchases.

  2. Retailers should monitor market trends and fluctuations in raw material prices to make timely purchase decisions.

  3. Investing in modern technology and efficient machinery can help reduce production costs, positively impacting wholesale prices.

  4. Exploring alternative sourcing options can also help mitigate the impact of regional disparities in wholesale prices.

FAQs About Plastic Products Wholesale Price in Bangladesh

Q: Is there a specific time when wholesale prices for plastic products in Bangladesh are low?

A: The wholesale prices for plastic products may fluctuate depending on market dynamics. However, retailers can keep a close watch on raw material prices, and suppliers offer to make purchases during a favorable time.

Q: Are there any government regulations for plastic product wholesale prices in Bangladesh?

A: The plastic industry in Bangladesh is regulated by the Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BPGMEA). However, there are no specific regulations for wholesale prices.

Q: How can retailers ensure the quality of plastic products while keeping a check on costs?

A: Retailers can opt for quality checks at the production level and purchase from reputed manufacturers to ensure the quality of plastic products.


The wholesale price of plastic products in Bangladesh is influenced by various factors such as demand, supply, market competition, and production costs. Retailers play a vital role in the supply chain. They must carefully analyze market trends, maintain good supplier relationships, and explore cost-cutting measures to optimize procurement. The plastic industry is essential for Bangladesh's economic growth, and ensuring stable and reasonable wholesale prices can benefit manufacturers and consumers in the long run.

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